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Why Use A Quantity Surveyor?

Using a Quantity Surveyor will give you the accuracy no other service can provide.

If you are planning to renovate, build or require a sum insured valuation. Our experts, combined with our world-leading technology, can give you the most accurate data and support to provide certainty for you and your asset.

  • Want to make sure your property is accurately insured?

    Why Construction Cost Consultants?

    When it comes to your property, we bring confidence in our experience, technology and accuracy.

    Choose an experienced Quantity Surveyor for your next project that will deliver certainty and clarity.

    The Benefits

    • New Zealand based team.

    • More accurate than online calculators.

    • Most accurate database of NZ materials.

    • Working with the world’s leading insurers.

    • Reduce your risk by up to 40%

    • Ensure you do not overpay on FENZ levies.

    • New Zealand-wide service.

    Our Sum Insured Process

    Unlike online calculators, a member of our experienced team will visit your property and document every aspect of it so the value you insure your property for is accurate and if the worst were to happen there would be no surprises.

    Energy Effciency

    Book Your Survey

    Book your survey by calling 0800 422 258 or click here.

    Inverter Integrations

    Site Visit

    One of our experienced team will visit your property ar your convenience.

    Demand Response

    Sum Insured Report

    Your report will be sent to you by email within 7 business days.* Subject to payment being received.

    Case Study

    Underinsured by $300,000

    Would you be able to cover the cost if you lost your property? A recent client was underinsured by over $300,000; they would have been liable if anything happened. By using our sum inured survey to provide an accurate valuation, this client now insures their house fully; it only costs them an extra $31 per month. *

    *Every property and insurance company policy cost will differ.

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