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Why use a Quantity Surveyor for Sum Insured?

Using a Quantity Surveyor versus using a calculator or valuer.

If you are planning to renovate, build or require a sum insured valuation, our experts combined with our New Zealand developed world-leading technology, can give you the most accurate value to provide certainty for you and your asset.

  • Want to make sure your property is accurately insured?

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Sum Insured

Without a rebuild valuation, there is a very high chance you are not accurately insured!

A rebuild valuation is considered more accurate because it involves a detailed breakdown and estimation of the costs required to rebuild a property in the event of damage or disaster.

The Benefits

  • Property specific.

  • Uses up to date construction costs.

  • Professional expertise.

  • Comprehensive evaluation.

  • Insurance compliance.

We are New Zealand’s leading provider of Residential Rebuild Valuations.

Construction Cost Consultants have delivered more rebuild valuations, than any other company, to our customers ensuring their most valuable asset is covered in the event disaster strikes.

  • We are qualified quantity surveyors trained in construction, not mark appraisal valuers.

  • Our team is supported by our own, New Zealand created world-leading proprietary software.

  • We work with the world’s leading insurance companies.

  • We treat your property as unique, not just a number on a spreadsheet.

  • We look for the items that are not on the council files.

  • Our software predicts the rebuild cost in the future, not just today.

The importance of a rebuild valuation.

A rebuild valuation is of utmost importance when it comes to property insurance. It is a critical tool in ensuring that a property is adequately insured, providing accurate coverage in the event of damage or disaster.

Firstly, a rebuild valuation helps determine the precise costs required to rebuild the property, including removal of the existing building. By considering factors such as construction materials, size, location, and architectural features, it provides an accurate estimate of the rebuild costs. This prevents underinsurance, where the coverage falls short of the actual rebuild cost and ensures that the customer has enough money to rebuild.

Additionally, a rebuild valuation assists in avoiding over insurance, where the insurance cover exceeds the actual rebuild costs. This helps customers avoid paying unnecessarily high premiums they do not require.

Our rebuild valuations are conducted by qualified quantity surveyors with expertise in construction costs. Their specialised knowledge contributes to the accuracy of the valuation, instilling confidence in both the customers and the insurance companies.

How our technology protects your asset.

Our technology has undergone more than a decade of dedicated development by our in-house team of experts. Leveraging the extensive knowledge of our qualified quantity surveying professionals, we have integrated the latest and most comprehensive construction cost data derived from ongoing, real-world projects that we are actively engaged in. This meticulous approach ensures the utmost precision in every report we deliver to our valued clients.

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